Some Tips on College Football Betting

Some Tips on College Football Betting

There are few things as exhilarating and maddening as betting on college football. It is an endurance test for the bettor. Depending on location, games can start at breakfast and carry all the way into the witching hour, when #Pac12AfterDark occasionally brings out the bizarre. It is one of the few instances where kegs and … Read more

Backup QBs Getting Pressed into Early Season Duty Across NFL

Backup QBs Getting Pressed Into Early Season Duty Across NFL

One second-string quarterback started the season under center due to retirement. A second had to step in less than 10 minutes into the season. Two others will be stepping in for future Hall of Famers this weekend, with one likely the starter for the rest of the season. One team is already on its third-string … Read more

How to Survive Betting on Sunday Night Football

How To Survive Betting On Sunday Night Football

So there you are, 15 minutes after the late afternoon NFL games have ended and about 30 minutes before Sunday Night Football. You pore over the results of your bets from earlier in the day. Perhaps you are a little ahead, or maybe, a little behind. Sunday night offers potential salvation in two forms — … Read more

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