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Poinsettia Stakes G3
Apr 2, 1989

Sportsbetting3.com has put together the following Poinsettia Stakes resources and event information, plus online horse racebooks were you can bet on the Poinsettia Stakes.

1989 Winner: Coolawin
Purse: $65,000
Field: 15

Stakes Race Info

Name: Poinsettia Stakes
1989 Race Date: Apr 2, 1989
Event Grade: 3
Track: Hialeah
Horse Division:
Track Surface: T

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Don't get stuck at the gate when the Poinsettia Stakes starts! In addition to the event information and horse racebooks listed above, we've also amassed a small collection of Poinsettia Stakes previous race results, purse and field data, and historic trends.

Past 5 Poinsettia Stakes Results

Poinsettia Stakes History
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Race Date Track Age Distance Field Purse Winner
Poinsettia Stakes
Apr 2, 1989Hialeah39.015$65,000Coolawin
Poinsettia Stakes
Dec 13, 1987Hialeah27.015$80,025Plate Queen
Poinsettia Stakes
Apr 7, 1986Hialeah38.58$74,850Fama
Poinsettia Stakes
Apr 15, 1985Hialeah38.58$85,250Vanny Anny
Poinsettia Stakes
Mar 2, 1984Hialeah39.010$107,850Dungaree Dancer
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Poinsettia Stakes Historic Trends

Poinsettia Stakes Highest Purse, Largest Field
Item Date Value
Highest PurseMar 2, 1984$107,850
Largest FieldApr 16, 198315
Largest FieldDec 13, 198715
Largest FieldApr 2, 198915

Poinsettia Stakes Averages

Poinsettia Stakes Averages
Item Value Results
Most Common Purse$68,0002
Average Purse$74,53911
Most Common Field92
Average Field10.411

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