Horse Events

2017 Grade 2 Horse Racing

Other Grades
Race Date Track Div Age Sex Distance Surface Grade
San Pasqual StakesJan 1, 2017Santa Anita3UP R D3U8.5D2
Santa Ynez StakesJan 8, 2017Santa Anita3YO F SPR3f7D2
La Canada StakesJan 14, 2017Santa Anita3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D2
Ft Lauderdale StakesJan 14, 2017Gulfstream Park3UP R T3U8.5T2
Santa Monica StakesJan 21, 2017Santa Anita3UP F/M SPR3Uf7D2
San Antonio StakesFeb 4, 2017Santa Anita3UP R D3U8.5D2
San Marcos StakesFeb 4, 2017Santa Anita3UP R T3U10T2
Palos Verdes StakesFeb 4, 2017Santa Anita3UP SPR3U6D2
Forward Gal StakesFeb 4, 2017Gulfstream Park3YO F SPR3f7D2
Lambholm South Holy Bull StakesFeb 4, 2017Gulfstream Park3YO R D38.5D2
Swale StakesFeb 4, 2017Gulfstream Park3YO SPR37D2
Las Virgenes StakesFeb 5, 2017Santa Anita3YO F R D3f8D2
Santa Maria StakesFeb 11, 2017Santa Anita3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D2
Arcadia StakesFeb 11, 2017Santa Anita3UP R T3U8T2
Gulfstream Park HandicapFeb 11, 2017Gulfstream Park3UP R D3U8D2
San Vicente StakesFeb 12, 2017Santa Anita3YO SPR37D2
Barbara Fritchie StakesFeb 18, 2017Laurel Park3UP F/M SPR3Uf7D2
Royal Delta StakesFeb 18, 2017Gulfstream Park3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D2
Rachel Alexandra StakesFeb 25, 2017Fair Grounds3YO F R D3f8.5D2
Risen Star StakesFeb 25, 2017Fair Grounds3YO R D38.5D2
Mac Diarmida StakesMar 4, 2017Gulfstream Park3UP R T3U11T2
Davona Dale StakesMar 4, 2017Gulfstream Park3YO F R D3f8D2
Xpressbetcom Fountain Of Youth StakesMar 4, 2017Gulfstream Park3YO R D38.5D2
Hillsborough StakesMar 11, 2017Tampa Bay Downs3UP F/M RT3Uf9T2
Lambholm South Tampa Bay DerbyMar 11, 2017Tampa Bay Downs3YO R D38.5D2
San Felipe StakesMar 11, 2017Santa Anita3YO R D38.5D2
Santa Ana StakesMar 12, 2017Santa Anita3UP F/M RT3Uf9T2
Azeri StakesMar 18, 2017Oaklawn Park3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D2
Rebel StakesMar 18, 2017Oaklawn Park3YO R D38.5D2
Inside Information StakesMar 18, 2017Gulfstream Park3UP F/M SPR3Uf7D2
San Luis Rey StakesMar 25, 2017Santa Anita3UP R T3U12T2
Honey Fox StakesApr 1, 2017Gulfstream Park3UP F/M RT3Uf8T2
Pan American StakesApr 1, 2017Gulfstream Park3UP R T3U12T2
Gulfstream Park OaksApr 1, 2017Gulfstream Park3YO F R D3f8.5D2
New Orleans HandicapApr 1, 2017Fair Grounds3UP R D3U9D2
Muniz Memorial HandicapApr 1, 2017Fair Grounds3UP R T3U9T2
Twinspirestakescom Fair Grounds OaksApr 1, 2017Fair Grounds3YO F R D3f8.5D2
Twinspirestakescom Louisiana DerbyApr 1, 2017Fair Grounds3YO R D39D2
Royal Heroine StakesApr 8, 2017Santa Anita3UP F/M RT3Uf8T2
Shakertown StakesApr 8, 2017Keeneland3UP SPR3U5.5T2
Toyota Blue Grass StakesApr 8, 2017Keeneland3YO R D39D2
Gazelle StakesApr 8, 2017Aqueduct3YO F R D3f9D2
Wood Memorial StakesApr 8, 2017Aqueduct3YO R D39D2
Oaklawn HandicapApr 15, 2017Oaklawn Park3UP R D3U9D2
Californian StakesApr 22, 2017Santa Anita3UP R D3U9D2
Dixiana Elkhorn StakesApr 22, 2017Keeneland3UP R T3U12T2
Charles Town Classic StakesApr 22, 2017Charles Town3UP R D3U9D2
Alysheba StakesMay 5, 2017Churchill Downs3UP R D3U8.5D2
Eight Belles StakesMay 5, 2017Churchill Downs3YO F SPR3f7D2
Churchill Distaff Turf Mile StakesMay 6, 2017Churchill Downs3UP F/M RT3Uf8T2
Churchill Downs StakesMay 6, 2017Churchill Downs3UP SPR3U7D2
American Turf StakesMay 6, 2017Churchill Downs3YO R T38.5T2
Sheepshead Bay StakesMay 6, 2017Belmont Park3UP F/M RT3Uf11T2
Ruffian StakesMay 13, 2017Belmont Park3UP F/M RD3Uf8D2
Black-Eyed Susan StakesMay 19, 2017Pimlico3YO F R D3f9D2
Kona Gold StakesMay 20, 2017Santa Anita3UP SPR3U6.5D2
Longines Dixie StakesMay 20, 2017Pimlico3UP R T3U8.5T2
Monrovia StakesMay 27, 2017Santa Anita3UP F/M SPR3Uf6.5T2
Charles Whittingham StakesMay 28, 2017Santa Anita3UP R T3U10T2
Penn Mile StakesJun 3, 2017Penn National3YO R T38T2
New York StakesJun 9, 2017Belmont Park3UP F/M RT3Uf10T2
True North StakesJun 9, 2017Belmont Park3UP SPR3U6D2
Brooklyn Invitational StakesJun 10, 2017Belmont Park3UP R D3U12D2
Woody Stephens StakesJun 10, 2017Belmont Park3YO SPR37D2
Summertime OaksJun 17, 2017Santa Anita3YO F R D3f8.5D2
Honeymoon StakesJun 17, 2017Santa Anita3YO F R T3f9T2
Fleur De Lis HandicapJun 17, 2017Churchill Downs3UP F/M RD3Uf9D2
Wise Dan StakesJun 17, 2017Churchill Downs3UP R T3U8.5T2
San Carlos StakesJul 1, 2017Santa Anita3UP SPR3U7D2
Princess Rooney StakesJul 1, 2017Gulfstream Park3UP F/M SPR3Uf7D2
Mother Goose StakesJul 1, 2017Belmont Park3YO F R D3f8.5D2
Great Lady M StakesJul 8, 2017Los Alamitos Race Co3UP F/M SPR3Uf6.5D2
Suburban HandicapJul 8, 2017Belmont Park3UP R D3U10D2
Belmont Sprint Championship StakesJul 8, 2017Belmont Park3UP SPR3U7D2
San Diego HandicapJul 22, 2017Del Mar3UP R D3U8.5D2
Eddie Read StakesJul 22, 2017Del Mar3UP R T3U9T2
San Clemente HandicapJul 23, 2017Del Mar3YO F R T3f8T2
Honorable Miss HandicapJul 26, 2017Saratoga3UP F/M SPR3Uf6D2
Bowling Green StakesJul 29, 2017Saratoga3UP R T3U11T2
Jim Dandy StakesJul 29, 2017Saratoga3YO R D39D2
Amsterdam StakesJul 29, 2017Saratoga3YO SPR36.5D2
Monmouth StakesJul 30, 2017Monmouth Park3UP R T3U9T2
National Museum Of Racing Hall Of Fame StakesAug 4, 2017Saratoga3YO R T38.5T2
Sorrento StakesAug 5, 2017Del Mar2YO F2f6.5D2
Yellow Ribbon HandicapAug 5, 2017Del Mar3UP F/M RT3Uf8.5T2
Adirondack StakesAug 12, 2017Saratoga2YO F2f6.5D2
Best Pal StakesAug 12, 2017Del Mar2YO26.5D2
Saratoga Special StakesAug 13, 2017Saratoga2YO26.5D2
Lake Placid StakesAug 19, 2017Saratoga3YO F R T3f9T2
Del Mar HandicapAug 19, 2017Del Mar3UP R T3U11T2
Del Mar Mile HandicapAug 20, 2017Del Mar3UP R T3U8T2
Woodford Reserve Ballston Spa StakesAug 26, 2017Saratoga3UP F/M RT3Uf8.5T2
Pat Obrien StakesAug 26, 2017Del Mar3UP SPR3U7D2
John C Mabee StakesSep 2, 2017Del Mar3UP F/M RT3Uf9T2
Prioress StakesSep 3, 2017Saratoga3YO F SPR3f6D2
Del Mar DerbySep 3, 2017Del Mar3YO R T39T2
Bernard Baruch HandicapSep 4, 2017Saratoga3UP R T3U8.5T2
Pocahontas StakesSep 16, 2017Churchill Downs2YO F2f8.5D2
Sands Point StakesSep 16, 2017Belmont Park3YO F R T3f9T2
Presque Isle Downs Masters StakesSep 18, 2017Prestique Isle3UP F/M SPR3Uf6.5AWT2
Kelso HandicapSep 23, 2017Belmont Park3UP R D3U8D2
Gallant Bloom HandicapSep 24, 2017Belmont Park3UP F/M SPR3Uf6.5D2
Baltimorewashington International Turf Cup Stakes Formerly CommoSep 30, 2017Laurel Park3UP R T3U8T2
John Henry Turf Championship StakesOct 1, 2017Santa Anita3UP R T3U10T2
Stoll Keenon Ogden Phoenix StakesOct 6, 2017Keeneland3UP SPR3U6D2
Thoroughbred Club Of America StakesOct 7, 2017Keeneland3UP F/M SPR3Uf6D2
Woodford StakesOct 7, 2017Keeneland3UP SPR3U5.5T2
Knickerbocker StakesOct 9, 2017Belmont Park3UP R T3U9T2
Lexus Raven Run StakesOct 21, 2017Keeneland3YO F SPR3f7D2
Twilight DerbyOct 28, 2017Santa Anita3YO R T39T2
Hagyard Fayette StakesOct 28, 2017Keeneland3UP R D3U9D2
Marathon StakesNov 3, 2017Del Mar3UP R D3U14D2
Goldikova StakesNov 4, 2017Del Mar3UP F/M RT3Uf8T2
Chilukki StakesNov 4, 2017Churchill Downs3UP F/M RD3Uf8D2
Nashua StakesNov 5, 2017Aqueduct2YO28D2
Falls City HandicapNov 23, 2017Churchill Downs3UP F/M RD3Uf9D2
Hollywood Turf Cup StakesNov 24, 2017Del Mar3UP R T3U12T2
Mrstakes Revere StakesNov 24, 2017Churchill Downs3YO F R T3f8.5T2
Kentucky Jockey Club StakesNov 25, 2017Churchill Downs2YO28.5D2
Golden Rod StakesNov 25, 2017Churchill Downs2YO F2f8.5D2
Seabiscuit HandicapNov 26, 2017Del Mar3UP R T3U8.5T2
Remsen StakesDec 2, 2017Aqueduct2YO29D2
Demoiselle StakesDec 2, 2017Aqueduct2YO F2f9D2
Bayakoa StakesDec 3, 2017Los Alamitos Race Co3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D2
City Of Hope Mile Stakesnot runSanta Anita3UP R T3U8T2
Mathis Brothers Mile StakesTBA-2017Santa Anita3YO R T38T2