Binghamton vs UMBC Basketball Odds

The Bearcats will play the Retrievers on Tuesday, March 1st, 2022. Your timezone's tip off time is 7:00 pm EST. Check local listings or your nearest streaming app for coverage.

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Point Spread


+6.5 -110 BetRivers-6.5 -110 BetRivers has analyzed the latest lines. Review our "Point Spread" table above to smash the books. BetRivers VA has the best favorite UMBC point spread at -6.5 points. BetRivers has the best underdog Binghamton point spread at +6.5 points. Review our point spread betting tutorial and video for more information.

143.5o -110 BetRivers143.5u -109 BetRivers
The over under line estimates the combined total of each team's final score. BetRivers has the best over line of 143.5 points laying $110 to win $100. BetRivers has the best under line of 143.5 points.



+230 BetRivers-295 BetRivers
Here are money lines for the outright winner. Favorite UMBC has a minus value. Lay $295 to win $100 at BetRivers. Underdog Binghamton has a positive value. Risk $100 at BetRivers to win $230. College Basketball Odds Example

College Basketball Odds and Outcomes Explained

BetRivers BetRivers
3/01/22 7:00pm EST

Underdog Binghamton - Binghamton bettors risk $100 to win $90.91 at -110 odds.

A +6.5 Binghamton underdog bet wins if they lose by 6 or fewer, tie, or win outright. Your bet loses if they lose by 7 or more.

Favorite UMBC - UMBC bettors risk $100 to win $90.91 at -110 odds.

A -6.5 UMBC favorite bet wins if they win by 7 or more. Your bet loses if they win by 6 or fewer, tie, or lose outright.

College Basketball Championship Odds

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Binghamton Championship Odds

No Binghamton futures available

UMBC Championship Odds

No UMBC futures available

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