Charlotte 49ers Basketball Betting Odds, Futures, Prop Bets has everything you need to know before the next Charlotte 49ers game. That means we’ve got the best 49ers’ point spread, over-under total, and moneyline bets available from our partner sports betting sites, all of which are updated multiple times each day. On top of that, we’ve got the latest 49ers’ prop bets, too. Check out the lines before their next big game. Finally, don’t forget about Charlotte’s futures odds to win the National Championship and the American.

Make sure you understand college basketball basics before you place your next Charlotte wager. Lucky for you, we’ve written up a simple Charlotte 49ers betting guide that follows the odds tables below. You’ll also find the 49ers’ recent standings, along with a list of valuable college basketball betting resources to help guide you to a winning season. Staying on top of key college basketball stats will keep in you informed and in the game.

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Best Charlotte 49ers Sports Betting Sites

Best Charlotte 49ers Betting Sites

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Charlotte 49ers Basketball Game Odds

Examine the latest point spread, total, and moneyline wagers for upcoming Charlotte 49ers’ games from our licensed and legal sports betting partners. Review the latest numbers below before the 49ers tip off. We’ve also included a quick guide to betting on college basketball afterwards.

Next Charlotte Game Odds
+ Displays more odds

BetMGM Sports Betting BetMGM
BetRivers Sports Betting BetRivers

Charlotte 49ers Basketball Prop Bets

Each of our sports betting partner sites have team prop bets for both the Charlotte 49ers and their next opponent. Which team will be the first to 5, 10, or 15 points? Will the Charlotte 49ers’ team point total go over or under the sportsbook’s line? What will the result of the 2nd half be? Will the game go to overtime? Note that the availability of player prop bets will be dependent on the college sports betting laws of your particular jurisdiction.

Charlotte Prop Bets - Next Game
+ Displays more odds
BetRivers Sports Betting BetRivers

Charlotte 49ers National Championship Odds

Here are the 49ers’ odds to win the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship. Our Final Four odds update daily. It doesn’t always pay to bet early, especially with the volatility of college basketball. You want to bet on the 49ers as soon as their odds of winning the National Championship become favorable, but not too late that the payout will be low. Learn more with our helpful tutorial that thoroughly explains how to place futures bets.

No NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament TM Charlotte YR: futures available

Charlotte 49ers Odds to win the American

Think the Charlotte 49ers can win the American? Have a look at their latest odds to win the American below. Our conference futures odds update 2-3 times per week throughout the college basketball season. Pay close attention to these numbers, particularly towards the latter half of the season.

2023-24 Charlotte American Odds

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How to Bet on the Charlotte 49ers

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to Bet on the Charlotte 49ers

  1. Open a new sports betting account.

    Review our list of College Basketball betting sites. Each sportsbook offers many ways to bet on the Charlotte 49ers. Make sure to enter all your personal details correctly. Don't forget to add your bonus code.

  2. Visit the sportsbook’s cashier, banking, or deposit page.

    Navigate to the sportsbook's deposit page. Use your Visa card or MasterCard, or other methods like Paypal.

  3. Tap to the sportsbook's College Basketball page, look for the Charlotte 49ers.

    Navigate to the sportsbook's College Basketball page. Next, look for live or upcoming Charlotte 49ers matchups. Review any Charlotte 49ers futures odds.

  4. Choose your bet and place a wager.

    Choose your bet and then use the funds you deposited to place a wager. The sportsbook will pay your winnings or deduct a losing wager from your account balance after the Charlotte 49ers bet has been graded.

Point Spread Bets

The point spread frequently offers Charlotte bettors a reasonable chance to win. Of course, it all comes down to the line oddsmakers assigned to the 49ers. When oddsmakers give points to the matchup underdog, it helps them create a more balanced betting market. This is critical when two unequal teams play each other. Most importantly, it’s often cheaper to bet on a point spread favorite than a moneyline favorite. The Charlotte 49ers will be favorites when their point spread line has a minus sign “-” before the number. They’ll be underdogs when the line has a plus sign “+” before the number.

The odds follow the point spread line. Standard betting odds are -110. That means you’ll risk $110 to win $100. Sometimes, the odds might be higher or lower depending on the betting action for or against the 49ers. In most cases, you’ll see odds for each side range from -105 to -115. In extreme cases, odds can range from -101 to -119.

Moneyline Bets

Pick either the favorite or the underdog team to win. Unlike the point spread, you’re simply picking the outright winner. Always compare point spread vs moneyline payouts. Sometimes, it can be more profitable to bet Charlotte when they’re a moneyline underdog, especially if you think they’ll win the game outright.

Moneyline favorites have a minus sign “-” before their number. This number indicates how much you risk to win $100. For example, if the 49ers are -225 favorites, you would risk $225 to win $100. When the 49ers are overwhelming favorites, you may see their moneyline value exceed -600.

Moneyline underdogs have a plus sign “+” before their number. This number indicates how much you win if you risk $100. If Charlotte is a +250 underdog, you would risk $100 to win $250. If the 49ers are big underdogs, their moneyline might be +600 or more.

Betting an obvious favorite to win isn’t always a good idea, even if it’s for the 49ers to win the game. Betting big moneyline favorites means you risk a large portion of your bankroll for a relatively small profit. A safe wager isn’t always the best wager. Sometimes it’s more economical to bet the point spread instead. When you’re considering a wager on the Charlotte 49ers or their opponents, always be sure to keep all your options open.

Total Bets

Decide whether the sum of both teams’ final scores will be over or under the sportsbook’s total line.

Over will be abbreviated as “o” and under will be abbreviated as “u”. Look for each side’s odds to the right of each letter. Most often, both sides will have -110 standard odds, though sometimes the exact odds values may vary. Less commonly, odds values could be well under or well above -110, most commonly ranging from -105 to -115. Like the point spread, odds may range from -101 to -119 in rarer cases.

With total bets, you must consider the ability of the 49ers and their opponent to put points on the board. Carefully determine whether the game will be a back-and-forth between two dominant offenses, or a low-scoring matchup between two teams with powerful defenses.

High-scoring games typically will get higher total lines and more expensive over odds. This contrasts to lower-scoring games, which will get lower total lines and more expensive under odds.

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Charlotte 49ers Basketball Standings

Charlotte’s recent performance is a better indicator of its ability to win games. That means the team’s current streak stat can be especially helpful when handicapping a matchup. See also the 49ers’ overall record and conference standing, especially when they’re facing another American team.

2023-2024 College Basketball Regular Season Standings - Charlotte
Team W-L Win% Home Away Conf CGB Conf% Strk

FAQs on the Charlotte 49ers

What are the Charlotte 49ers odds to win the 2023-24 American?

As of Friday, March 15th, 2024, the Charlotte 49ers have +800 odds to win the 2023-24 American. You would risk $100 to win $800 on the 49ers to win the American at BetRivers. The implied probability for the Charlotte 49ers to win their conference is 11.11%.

Betting Odds for Other American Basketball Teams

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