Odds the NFL Season will be Canceled or Postponed – Trends in States with NFL Teams

Coauthor: Kyle Johansen

Covid-19, also known as coronavirus, continues to impact millions across the country. Serious public health concerns have left many professional sports leagues on the sidelines. As of writing on June 23, 2020, the NBA and NHL have yet to restart and conclude their 2019-20 seasons. Meanwhile, the MLB has a tentative return date of July 24 if the MLBPA agrees to show up at spring training on July 1. Whether or not fans will see a conclusion to any of these seasons remains to be seen.

Forward Guidance for Pro Sports

The NBA and MLS plan to play in a “bubble,” keeping all players and staff in a centralized location to avoid contracting Covid-19 from outside elements. The NBA has a tentative return date of July 31, while the MLS will return on July 8. Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that the NFL should also adopt a “bubble” format or consider cancelling the 2020 season. Most recently, the NFL Players Association’s medical director has advised that players avoid private workouts with each other after a recent spike of new Covid-19 contractions across the country.

Recent NFL Schedule Changes

The NFL has already cancelled all international games in 2020. The international schedule in 2020 was set to have four games in London and one in Mexico City.

As of July 1, 2020, the NFL cancelled weeks 1 and 4 of the 2020 preseason. That includes the 2020 Hall of Fame game originally set for August 6, 2020.

The regular season kicks off on September 10th, 2020. Will continued Covid-19 spikes threaten this year’s NFL?

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Covid-19 Trends in States with NFL Teams

Our data is updated daily before 1:00 PM EST. Share this page and come back as the NFL season draws near. Our stats and calculations are explained at the bottom of the page.

Overall COVID-19 Trends: States with NFL franchises
Status NFL
% of
22 Total
↗ Up1463.64%
— Same836.36%
Data last modified: October 19, 2020 12:30 pm
State COVID-19 trends with NFL franchises
State Teams Total
%7 Day
FloridaJacksonville Jaguars Jaguars
Miami Dolphins Dolphins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Buccaneers
755,012+64.4%↗ Up
IllinoisChicago Bears Bears348,870+48.7%↗ Up
IndianaIndianapolis Colts Colts150,005+34.6%↗ Up
OhioCincinnati Bengals Bengals
Cleveland Browns Browns
181,787+34.5%↗ Up
ColoradoDenver Broncos Broncos85,803+32.0%↗ Up
MinnesotaMinnesota Vikings Vikings122,865+27.6%↗ Up
MichiganDetroit Lions Lions159,337+20.7%↗ Up
NevadaLas Vegas Raiders Raiders90,374+20.6%↗ Up
WashingtonSeattle Seahawks Seahawks102,403+19.0%↗ Up
ArizonaArizona Cardinals Cardinals231,149+18.3%↗ Up
GeorgiaAtlanta Falcons Falcons326,080+14.0%↗ Up
MassachusettsNew England Patriots Patriots143,660+13.7%↗ Up
TexasDallas Cowboys Cowboys
Houston Texans Texans
868,917+13.4%↗ Up
WisconsinGreen Bay Packers Packers175,652+12.2%↗ Up
North CarolinaCarolina Panthers Panthers246,116+8.9%— Same
MarylandBaltimore Ravens Ravens
Washington Football Team TBD
136,149+7.9%— Same
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia Eagles Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
186,772+3.5%— Same
TennesseeTennessee Titans Titans225,126+2.3%— Same
New YorkBuffalo Bills Bills
New York Giants Giants
New York Jets Jets
489,016-0.3%— Same
CaliforniaLos Angeles Chargers Chargers
Los Angeles Rams Rams
San Francisco 49ers 49ers
878,346-3.7%— Same
LouisianaNew Orleans Saints Saints178,869-5.7%— Same
MissouriKansas City Chiefs Chiefs162,156-6.9%— Same
Data last modified: October 19, 2020 12:30 pm

SportsBetting3.com Odds NFL will be Canceled, Postponed, Modified

Markets figured by SportsBetting3.com staff and subject to change as virus trends update. All odds are money lines. We do not take, place or make bets. These odds are for news and entertainment purposes only.

Odds 2020-21 NFL Regular Season will be Modified
ResultML Odds
✓ Yes-200
✕ No+300
Odds 2020-21 NFL Regular Season will be Cancelled
ResultML Odds
✕ No-900
✓ Yes+1100
Odds 2020-21 NFL Regular Season will be Postponed
ResultML Odds
✕ No-800
✓ Yes+1000
Odds NFL will Play Florida - Latest Trend: ↗ Up
ResultML Odds
✓ Yes-300
✕ No+500
Odds NFL will Play in Missouri - Latest Trend: — Same
ResultML Odds
✓ Yes-400
✕ No+500
2020-21 NFL Preseason Result: Cancelled
ResultML Odds
Canceled+300 ✓
Modified Format-300
As Scheduled+600

Walk Before Running

The first test the NFL must pass is training camp. Training camps are currently set to open on July 28. The league and player’s union are expected to agree on league protocols within the next 30 days, giving teams two weeks to prepare to head to camp. All players and coaches will be tested upon arriving and odds the NFL season is cancelled or postponed will likely move significantly one way or another after receiving initial testing reports.

The thought of NFL players grabbing onto, running into, and tackling each other and not spreading the virus seems naive. The biggest factor is whether or not the NFL can keep infected players off the field. To help accomplish this goal, the NFL plans to test players three times a week for Covid-19.

Trouble in Texas: Some NFL Players Test Positive

According to ESPN, a “small number” of Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans have recently tested positive for Covid-19, including Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliot. Whenever positive reports surface, especially for star players such as Elliot, odds the NFL season is cancelled or postponed will likely shift.

Odds NFL Season is Canceled

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NFL Covid-19 Contingency Plans

The NFL’s initial Covid-19 contingency plans came out in late April. One of the contingency plans is to start the season five weeks late on October 11. In this scenario, the Super Bowl would be pushed back three weeks and the regular season would be shortened to 14 games per team.

Another contingency plan focused on health in the playoffs. In this plan, there would be a two-week break after conference championship games to allow teams to get healthy. The break before the Super Bowl would be reduced to one week and the Pro Bowl would be cancelled.

As a general contingency plan, if the season is delayed, earlier games can be played after Week 17 and would result in the reshuffling of the playoff schedule. Another accommodation provided by the NFL was to give each Week 2 opponent the same bye week.

Super Bowl 55 Considerations

The Super Bowl is currently scheduled for February 7 and all current contingency plans have the game being played at the latest on February 28. This gives the league three more weeks of flexibility from the normal schedule and four weeks of flexibility if the Super Bowl break was shortened from two weeks to one.

Super Bowl 55 Futures Odds - All Available Teams
Last Updated October 19, 2020 1:33 pm
Outcomebovada Bovada

Will the NFL Season be Cancelled or Postponed?

The NFL is prepared to play a 14-game regular season if necessary. However, even a shortened season is in serious jeopardy given the physical nature of the sport. So far, Korean baseball has returned to play without any stoppages. The PGA Tour has also returned and has dealt with positive cases on the course without a break in play. Baseball and golf, though, are among the least physical professional sports. Months ago it appeared that the NFL would have plenty of time to get protocols and contingency plans in place. And while the NFL has done everything it can to prepare to play amid a pandemic, the virus is much more active than most thought it would be at this point.

On the optimistic side, every major European soccer league is back in action. Although not as physical as American football, soccer is a sport that includes players running into and grabbing each other for over 90 minutes. There have been no stoppages in play from any of these leagues, so there may be hope for the NFL to return without a postponement or cancellation.

Smart Money Play

Those interested in betting on whether the NFL season is cancelled or postponed should pay close attention to the returns from the NBA and NHL. Both sports are nearly as physical as football and should provide a blueprint for how the NFL can safely return to play. If those sports have issues finishing their seasons, NFL odds will shift accordingly. Finally, there is also a second wave of Covid-19 to consider. If the virus comes back strong in the fall, the NFL could have little chance of playing a full season.

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Tables and Reference

Covid-19/NFL Teams – Table Legend

Count – Latest case total since March 1, 2020.
* %7 Day Chg – We calculated the average daily new cases (ADNC) for the past 7 days and previous 7 day period. Then we found the % difference between each number. Positive (negative) numbers represent an increase (decrease) in the last 7 days compared to the previous 7.
Trend – Any change greater than 10% represents a trend. Changes less than 10% represent no substantial change, or “same” status. Our choice of 10% is subject to revision.

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