Winning NHL Betting Strategies

Winning NHL Betting Strategies

Hockey games make for thrilling betting opportunities. Below you’ll find some winning hockey handicapping strategies. We explain how to take advantage of rest, when to bet the puck line, the importance of closing line value, and advanced metrics to use. Be sure to review our complete hockey betting tutorial here. Be Aware of the Rest … Read more

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Soccer Betting Strategies

Soccer Betting Strategies

Betting on soccer can appear to be a daunting task at first glance. With three-way moneylines and strange totals that include fractional points, you may not feel comfortable diving right in. But betting on soccer can be a great way to take in a game. First, though, you’ll need some strategies for how to make … Read more

The Best Way to Bet on MLB Baseball

The Best Way To Bet On MLB Baseball

Wagering on MLB games can be the most profitable form of sports betting. The reason for this is simple: there are many more MLB games than any other sport. So, if you have a good system or are simply a gifted MLB handicapper, you stand to win a larger volume of money over the course … Read more

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UFC 249 Preview: Khabib vs. Ferguson

UFC 249 Preview: Khabib Vs. Ferguson

Our drought without live sports continues through this weekend and may last well into April. But by the weekend of April 17 there will at least be a prime UFC fight to watch, and more importantly, to bet on, with UFC 249 featuring Khabib vs. Ferguson. Khabib Nurmagomedov is the champion of the lightweight division, … Read more

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