Red Wings attempting to put Penguins on Ice

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It wasn’t so long ago – last year in fact – that the Penguins/Red Wings Stanley Cup series was heading into Game 6. Back then, many favored the Detroit to win, and that they did: canceling any hopes of a Game 7 which would have put them on the defensive.

Now, in a twist of fate, the Penguins are once again behind the Red Wings, and could be sent packing tonight if the Red Wings can win the game. Even more discouraging, the Penguins were embarrassed in Game 5 by a Red Wings 5 to nil shut out win.

The one point in the Penguins’ favor, however, is their underdog status in the series. Many sports commentators believe that if the Penguins can force a game 7, momentum will be with them. The “pressure” so to speak, will then be on the Red Wings to prove why a hypothetical Game 6 loss would be just a fluke. But the Red Wings beg to differ.

Tonight’s Game 6will most likely feature the strong Penguins offensive lineup of Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg. These 3 alone have been leading goal scorers for the Red Wings all year. On the Penguins’ side, Coach Byslma will be starting with Bill Guerin, Maxime Talbot or Tyler Kennedy as his front line. According to, it’s a strong possibility that Petr Sykora will be thrown into the mix.

Either way, if you’re a Red Wings’ fan, you have to be loving life at this point. The momentum and odds are in your favor, and there’s nothing sweeter than winning back-to-back Stanley Cups.

If we go to Game 7, however, things might be different. This could be the last showing for the Penguins, so now, more than ever, is most crucial point in this interesting Stanley Cup Series, which by and large looks like a repeat of last year.

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