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First came sports, then came sports predictions, and the rest is history. As long as there have been sporting events, there have been people who claim to have an edge on the game’s result, and will often resell this knowledge to the general public. Sports picks are especially popular with recreational sports bettors, who, for the most part, lack the broad understanding of sports required to make informed wagering decisions. The growth of internet gaming has given sports handicapping industry a great rebirth, offering handicappers exposure to a new audience looking for any sort of advice that will help them win their bet at an online sportsbook.

Real vs. Bogus Handicappers

Before we continue, we should probably talk about the difference between REAL and BOGUS sports handicapping information.

As with any industry that operates on the fringe of USA law, sports betting has its fair share of handicapping charlatans, who do nothing more than practice high pressure sales and hype. These types of handicappers prey on naive sports fans who are clueless, taking advantage of their ignorance to make a quick buck. Once they have an email address or phone number, they will often harass a customer until they finally part with their money, using questionable sales techniques that would even make the door to door vacuum clear salesman cringe. Other handicappers resort to spam email to get pick sales, hoping that amongst a batch of a few thousand emails, a small percentage will convert into sales.

Then there are the real handicappers, the ones who can actually prove their inner wisdom by virtue of stats and numbers from years past. In general, this small crowd of cappers actually have legitimate knowledge about sports, and frequently will place bets on the same teams they advise their customers to bet. If you spend time talking with them, you’ll find them actually very conscientious about what’s going on in various sports leagues, which sportsbooks are offering what lines, and the best places to bet online or offline. Of course, this knowledge doesn’t always come free: these guys have to make a living too, so often they’ll charge around $25 per pick.

Paying $25 for a sports pick doesn’t make sense for joe average gambler who only bets $50 to $100 per matchup. Instead, pick sales are geared towards more serious gamblers, who often bet upwards of $500 a game. Paying an extra $25 on a $500 bet for quality sports advice may actually be a good investment, especially if the bet wins. If not, well, they lost another 5% which is not necessarily the end of the world.

Free Sports Picks

In recent years, many would-be cappers have been struggling to find ways to get serious customers, that will actually pay for advice throughout an NFL football or NBA basketball betting season. This necessity gave rise to the “Free Sports Picks” marketing routine. Essentially, a handicapper will lure in a customer with a “low grade” pick to get their contact information. After this, they’ll put the customer on an email newsletter list or phone list, which they’ll use to contact the customer in hopes of making a profit selling them higher quality picks. Everyone loves something for free, so offering a “free pick” per se is a win-win proposition for handicappers.

This leaves just one final hurdle to clear for the handicapper: where do you offer your free picks in hopes of getting a regular flow of new customers?

The answer is simple: free pick websites, created by marketing companies that specialize in aggregating internet traffic using search engines, email, or offline advertising. In most cases, these free pick sites will charge the handicapper a fee to advertise on their site for a year, in return for an unobstructed flow of gamblers looking for sports predictions on the cheap. In addition, many of these free pick sites post links and banners to sportsbooks, which also supplements their income by sending new gamblers to sports betting sites in return for a cut of their losses.

Now, the complete marketing loop is set: handicapper to lead generation site; lead generation site to new customer; new customer to their wallet buying picks from handicapper. In a nutshell, that’s how the entire sports handicapping business works on the web. A few websites consolidate these steps, acting as both handicappers and marketers, but in general, it’s a 3 or 4 step process from pick offering to pick sale.

Where Can I Get Free Sports Betting Picks?

That’s the $100,000 question for sure. Perhaps we should qualify the question further: “Where can I get WORTHWHILE free sports picks?”. Well, we’re glad you asked. has found a great website that not only offers free sports picks, but also a “Plethora of Sports Knowledge” that is both useful and insightful, especially for recreational bettors who need quick and dirty information. – Free Sports Pics – Sports Betting Website has been live on the web since 2000, educating sports bettors with great reference articles, offering free sports picks, and providing links to some of the best sports betting sites. It’s a simple and easy to use website, with a moderate amount of advertising that doesn’t get in the way of the important information.

When you visit’s free picks page – click here, you’ll notice a great lineup of some of the best handicappers in the business. Your free pick is just an email, phone call, or mouse click away from this page. In addition, most of the handicappers listed on the free picks page are monitored at’s partner site,, a free service that keeps track of various handicappers records and pick results. It’s definitely worth the few extra minutes of research to visit both sites, to get the low down on who’s hot and who’s not.

So that’s our nickel guide to the Free Sports Picks industry. We hope you’ve found it helpful. The best part about all of this is that you’re not obligated to buy anything. Sure, you might get a few sales calls or emails, but Free Picks are generally a giveaway to recreational gamblers who want the edge on this weekend’s big game.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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It’s that time of the week again: time to post the College Football schedule for Week 4, plus some gab about the great NFL matchups happening this weekend. There are plenty of great betting opportunities, despite the fact that the sportsbooks are slowly finding their groove after a couple rough weeks. There’s still plenty of cash to go around, just bet wisely and know your limits.

As usual, most of college football takes place this Saturday, September 24, 2009 starting at 12:00 PM EST. You’ll see TV coverage in our schedule below. Note, this schedule was redacted from ESPN, so it’s possible other networks besides ESPN and ABC will be covering some games.

One of the most anticipated early games of the day is No. 7 LSU at Mississippi State, starting at 12:00 PM EST. Anytime a top 10 nationally ranked team is facing a new opponent, it’s another opportunity to see just how legitimate the college football ranking system is. College bowl arguments aside, regular season rankings can play an important factor in how lines are offered at each major sportsbook. Therefore, it literally pays to know which teams are hot in college football.

The next wave of games kicks off at 3:30 PM EST, with Arkansas at No. 3 Alabama a favorite among many bettors. It’s likely Alabama will win this one outright, but you also have to factor in the spread if you plan on making a straight bet. Be sure to check our odds page! Another big game at 3:30 is No. 9 Miami (FL) at No. 11 Virginia Tech, one of the few matchups featuring two nationally ranked teams. After the top 10 teams in the NCAAF, rankings get a little fuzzy, so this contest between a No. 9 and No. 11 team should be very fun to watch. Either way, one team will fall out of the top 10, while the other will break into the top 10 by game’s end. Another fan favorite at 3:30 PM EST will be Illinois at No. 13 Ohio State. The Buckeyes are always a crowd favorite, and should win this game against Illinois without too much trouble.

Games will continue to run until 10:15 PM EST. During the night games, No. 1 Florida at Kentucky at 6:00 PM EST. Take Florida for some easy money on this one. Some people are also interested in the 7:00 PM EST matchup between Arizona State at No. 21 Georgia. Georgia is looking to push ahead in the rankings, and needs a solid win this weekend to be considered for the top 20. The only game with a top ranking team that starts at 8:00 PM EST or later is Iowa at No. 5 Penn State. Penn should dominate this game, and would make a good 2 team parlay bet with No. 1 Florida. It’s easy money, the way it should be.

Then we march along into Sunday, Week 3 of NFL Betting. Keep your sites set high even though the sportsbooks have pledged to be a little wiser this week. Some of the more enjoyable games of the day will include Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals, a great opportunity for redemption after the Steelers got their clocks cleaned by the Chicago Bears last weekend. Another fun game should be Tennessee Titans at New York Jets. The Jets are literally on fire this season, and had a decisive win last weekend that definitely has their confidence level running high. On the other hand, the Titans have been off the stick so far this year, still trying to get their act together during the early stages of the NFL regular season.

One of the most exciting games of Week 3 should be Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots. The Falcons are undefeated and have surprised many bettors with solid wins against their opponents. Meanwhile, many Patriots fans are bewildered after their loss last weekend to a gutsy Jets squad. To say the least, expectations for the Patriots are high. Maybe this weekend, they’ll regroup and show us their best stuff.

The night games on Sunday aren’t half bad either. Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders at 4:15 PM EST will be an interesting matchup, since many oddsmakers have heavily favored the Chargers this season. Despite this high opinion of the San Diego team, they have disappointed bettors who had them as the favorite in the first two weekends of this season, suffering an unfortunate loss to the Raiders in Week 1 that was surprising to say the least. At 8:20 PM EST, Indiana Colts at Arizona Cardinals will kick off, the final game of the day. Needless to say, the Colts are favored to win this one, but let’s not count out the SuperBowl runner up Cardinals just yet.

Other than that, the smart money is on the New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills starting at 4:05 EST. If the Saints stay true to form, they should crush the Bills without issues.

2009 NCAA Football Schedule Week 4

Football Odds and Schedule Click Here
(Select “NCAA” or “NFL” from Menu on Odds Page)

Thursday, September 24
7:30 PM ET No. 4 Mississippi at South Carolina
Friday, September 25
9:00 PM ET Missouri at Nevada
Saturday, September 26
12:00 PM ET No. 7 LSU at Mississippi State
12:00 PM ET Fresno State at No. 14 Cincinnati
12:00 PM ET South Florida at No. 18 Florida State
12:00 PM ET Southern Miss at No. 20 Kansas
12:00 PM ET No. 22 North Carolina at Georgia Tech
12:00 PM ET Indiana at No. 23 Michigan
12:00 PM ET Rhode Island at Connecticut
12:00 PM ET Minnesota at Northwestern Big 10 Network
12:00 PM ET Buffalo at Temple
12:00 PM ET Michigan State at Wisconsin
1:00 PM ET Marshall at Memphis
2:00 PM ET Wake Forest at Boston College
2:00 PM ET San Diego State at Air Force
2:10 PM ET Tennessee Tech at Kansas State
3:00 PM ET UNLV at Wyoming
3:30 PM ET UTEP at No. 2 Texas
3:30 PM ET Arkansas at No. 3 Alabama
3:30 PM ET No. 6 California at Oregon
3:30 PM ET No. 9 Miami (FL) at No. 11 Virginia Tech
3:30 PM ET Illinois at No. 13 Ohio State
3:30 PM ET No. 15 TCU at Clemson
3:30 PM ET Rutgers at Maryland
3:30 PM ET UCF at East Carolina
3:30 PM ET Pittsburgh at North Carolina State
3:30 PM ET Akron at Central Michigan
3:30 PM ET Western Kentucky at Navy
3:30 PM ET Idaho at Northern Illinois
3:30 PM ET McNeese State at Tulane
4:00 PM ET Louisiana-Monroe at Florida Atlantic
4:30 PM ET Troy at Arkansas State
6:00 PM ET No. 1 Florida at Kentucky
6:00 PM ET Colorado State at No. 19 Brigham Young
7:00 PM ET No. 8 Boise State at Bowling Green
7:00 PM ET Grambling State at No. 16 Oklahoma State
7:00 PM ET Arizona State at No. 21 Georgia
7:00 PM ET Louisiana-Lafayette at No. 25 Nebraska
7:00 PM ET Ball State at Auburn
7:00 PM ET Army at Iowa State
7:00 PM ET North Carolina Central at Duke
7:00 PM ET Maine at Syracuse
7:00 PM ET Sam Houston State at Tulsa
7:00 PM ET Northwestern State at Baylor
7:00 PM ET UAB at Texas A&M
7:00 PM ET Middle Tennessee State at North Texas
7:00 PM ET Toledo at Florida International
7:00 PM ET Miami (OH) at Kent State
7:00 PM ET Ohio at Tennessee
7:00 PM ET Hofstra at Western Michigan
7:30 PM ET Louisville at Utah
7:35 PM ET Arizona at Oregon State
8:00 PM ET Iowa at No. 5 Penn State
8:00 PM ET Cal Poly at San Jose State
8:00 PM ET Vanderbilt at Rice
8:00 PM ET Southern Utah at Utah State
8:00 PM ET Notre Dame at Purdue
9:00 PM ET No. 24 Washington at Stanford
9:15 PM ET Texas Tech at No. 17 Houston
10:00 PM ET New Mexico State at New Mexico
10:15 PM ET Washington State at No. 12 USC

Go Get ‘em and Make Big Bucks!

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