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I watched my first live MMA fight in August 2006. Now defunct Bodog Fight organized the event in San Jose, Costa Rica. I went in thinking the MMA wasn’t for me.

Then Nick “The Goat” Thompson took the ring about midway through the card. He battled Davion Peterson for 3 rounds, finally winning by a rear-naked choke submission. Before that moment, I lacked an appreciation for the training, endurance and power required to be a winning fighter. Almost instantly, I became an MMA fan.

Thompson was already a MMA stud. His winning ways were a matter of record. He arrived at Bodog Fight night in August 2006 on a vicious tear, having lost once to Karo Parisyan in the previous year at UFC 59. He went on to become Bodog Fight’s welterweight champion on April 14, 2007. Later in his career, he signed with Strikeforce. Thompson fought through 2011, amassing an impressive 38-14 professional record, 10 KO/TKO, 22 submissions and 6 decisions.

This is page pays tribute and respect to Thompson. Here’s some info, stats and videos his fans should find useful. Review our MMA Betting tutorial to learn how to bet on MMA fights.

Table of Contents

  1. Bio
  2. Organizations/Leagues
  3. Nickname
  4. Retirement
  5. Highlight Videos
  6. Photos
  7. Career Record/Results
  8. Personal

Nick Thompson Bio

Height: 6’1″
Weight: 170 lbs.

Nicholas Delton Thompson was born June 23, 1981 in Virginia. He was raised in Minnesota, citing his hometown as Minneapolis. As a youth he enjoyed wrestling, rising to the top of Minnesota’s high school rankings by his senior year. He continued wrestling for 2 years at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Chance led Thompson to the MMA. One night in college he watched a friend compete locally. He thought his wrestling abilities would serve him well in the sport. Thompson began training under Dave Strasser and Ron Faircloth.

2 weeks later he had his first fight. He struggled, losing his first 3 fights. He quickly turned things around, tallying a 17-8 middleweight record upon graduation. This perseverance was a sign of greater things to come.

Thompson went on to complete a law degree at the University of Minnesota. While in school he trained at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. He began to fight at welterweight, recording an impressive 20-1 record. During this period he became the Bodog Welterweight Champion in 2007. He also fought in the UFC.

Thompson finished law school in 2008 and continued fighting through 2011. He retired from MMA to become a successful lawyer. He’s been admitted to the bar in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Virginia.

MMA Organizations & Leagues

Nick Thompson fought in multiple MMA organizations and leagues throughout his career. Thompson’s debut fight follows each affiliation.

  1. UFC – November 19, 2005 vs Keith Wisniewski as a Welterweight (Won – Decisions)
  2. Bodog Fight – August 22, 2006 vs Davion Peterson (Won – Submission)
  3. World Victory Road – March 5, 2008 vs Fabricio Monteiro (Won – Decisions)
  4. Elite XC – July 26, 2008 vs Jake Shields (Lost – Submission)
  5. Strikeforce – June 19, 2019 vs Tim Kennedy (Lost – Submission)
  6. Shine Fights – May 15, 2010 vs Eduardo Pamplona (Scratched – Injury)

Nick Thompson’s “The Goat” Nickname

Unforunately, The “Goat” isn’t an acronym for “Greatest of All Time”, though Thompson’s welterweight record stands among the best in history.

It comes from the fainting goat phenomenon. Teammates assigned the moniker to Thompson because of his tendency to get easily knocked out early in his career. That all changed after substantial training, determination and experience.

Nick Thompson Retirement

Nick Thompson retired after his fight with Ben Askren on April 10, 2011 at Bellator 40. Askren controlled Thompson throughout the fight, eventually winning by unanimous decision.

Thompson posted the following statement at the UnderGround forum the next day, April 11, 2011. This statement is no longer live and was copied from the UnderGround archive.

I have fought many great fighters, even beating a few along the way. In all those fights, I have never felt as frustrated as I felt tonight. Ben Askren is truly a great wrestler/grappler and I look forward to seeing him develop in the sport. I have been a fan of Ben’s since I knew him in high school and am appreciative that Bellator provided me an opportunity for my last fight to be against a fighter for whom I have such tremendous respect.

I love this sport and all that it has given to me and it is with a mix of joy and sadness that I realize that I am no longer willing to pay the price necessary to compete at the level I expect from myself – the level of guys like Ben, Weedman and Heiron. I have reached a point where it is more important to me to spend time at home with my daughter and wife, who have been great about me competing, and focus on developing my law career at O’Flaherty Heim Egan & Birnbaum LTD, which has also been great about me competing. I am grateful for the many wonderful people who supported me and those I met in mixed martial arts, fans and fighters, and am hopeful that I can give something back to the sport I love by coaching and/or representing the next crop of mixed martial arts superstars.

Thank you!

Nick Thompson Video

Thompson defeats Alvarez, becomes Bodog Fight Welterweight Champion April 14, 2007

Thompson defeats Peterson August 22, 2006

Nick Thompson Photos

Nick Thompson Bodog Fight Welterweight Champion
Nick Thompson Bodog Fight Welterweight Champion
Nick Thompson MMA Photo
Nick Thompson MMA Photo
Nick Thompson MMA Photo
Nick Thompson MMA Photo
Nick Thompson Retires April 11, 2011
Nick Thompson Retires April 11, 2011

Nick Thompson MMA Record

Nick Thompson MMA Record

Nick Thompson Career Record

Nick Thompson Wins Method

Nick Thompson Win Method
Submissions: 22
Decisions: 6

Nick Thompson Losses Method

Nick Thompson Loss Method
Submissions: 6
Decisions: 1

Nick Thompson MMA Results

Nick Thompson Fight Results
LossBen AskrenBFC - Bellator Fighting Championships 40
Decision (Unanimous)35:00
LossTaisuke OkunoSRC - Sengoku Raiden Championship 14
KO (Punch)30:27
LossDan HornbuckleSengoku - Tenth Battle
TKO (Punches)21:30
LossTim KennedyStrikeforce - Challengers 2
Submission (Punches)22:37
WinPaul DaleyMFC 20 - Destined For Greatness
Decision (Unanimous)35:00
WinTravis McCulloughMT 18 - Madtown Throwdown 18
Submission (Punches)12:38
LossJake ShieldsEliteXC - Unfinished Business
Submission (Guillotine Choke)11:03
WinMichael CostaSengoku - Third Battle
Submission (Kimura)24:13
WinFabricio MonteiroSengoku - First Battle
Decision (Unanimous)35:00
WinJohn TroyerTuff-N-Uff - Thompson vs. Troyer
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)13:46
WinMark WeirBodog Fight - Vancouver
TKO (Punches)14:01
WinEddie AlvarezBodog Fight - Clash of the Nations
TKO (Punches)24:32
WinDustin DenesBodog Fight - Costa Rica Combat
TKO (Punches)11:27
WinAnsar ChalangovBodog Fight - USA vs. Russia
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)14:59
WinJoe WinterfeldtTCT 3 - Twin Cities Throwdown 3
TKO (Punches)1N/A
WinDavion PetersonBodog Fight - To the Brink of War
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)3N/A
WinSteven BratlandXKK - St. Joseph
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)1N/A
WinYancy CuellarXKK - St. Joseph
TKO (Punches)1N/A
WinChris WilsonAFC 17 - Absolute Fighting Championships 17
Submission (Kimura)22:08
LossKaro ParisyanUFC 59 - Reality Check
TKO (Submission to Punches)14:44
WinAlex CarterEFX - Fury
Submission (Triangle Choke)2N/A
WinAnthony WhiteMT 6 - Madtown Throwdown 6
Submission (Punches)1N/A
WinKeith WisniewskiUFC 56 - Full Force
Decision (Unanimous)35:00
WinJosh NeerEC 64 - Extreme Challenge 64
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)22:19
WinDereck KeasleyFFC 16 - Freestyle Fighting Championship 16
Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke)13:48
WinVictor MorenoFFC 16 - Freestyle Fighting Championship 16
Submission (Guillotine Choke)20:52
WinChris ConnellyFFC 16 - Freestyle Fighting Championship 16
Decision (Unanimous)25:00
WinBrian FitzsimmonsMT 4 - Madtown Throwdown 4
KO (Punches)1M/A
LossEd HermanH2H - Hand 2 Hand Combat
TKO (Injury)1N/A
LossYushin OkamiGCM - D.O.G. 2
Submission (Elbow Injury)10:29
WinMarcel FerreiraAFC 12 - Absolute Fighting Championships 12
TKO (Punches)32:48
WinJoey ClarkXKK - St. Paul
Submission (Armbar)13:01
WinNuri ShakirCZ 10 - Ground War
Submission (Triangle Choke)23:07
LossPaul PurcellFCC 18 - Freestyle Combat Challenge 18
KO (Punches)2N/A
WinBrian GreenMT 2 - Madtown Throwdown 2
TKO (Punches)1N/A
WinBrian GassawayCombat - Do Fighting Challenge 2
Decision (Unanimous)33:00
WinJesse ChiltonFCC 17 - Freestyle Combat Challenge 17
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)3N/A
WinDarren HinesXFO 4 - International
Submission (Guillotine Choke)10:19
DrawDaryl GuthmillerXKK - Fridley
WinJohn RenkenFFC 12 - Freestyle Fighting Championships 12
TKO (Punches)1N/A
WinSean HuffmanFFC 12 - Freestyle Fighting Championships 12
Submission (Choke)2N/A
LossBrian EbersoleFFC 12 - Freestyle Fighting Championships 12
TKO (Punches)1N/A
WinRicky SolisMT 1 - Madtown Throwdown 1
Submission (Twister)1N/A
WinThiago Jambo GoncalvesFCC 15 - Freestyle Combat Challenge 15
Submission (Punches)22:39
WinBrian MooreUB - Ultimate Battleground
Submission (Guillotine Choke)10:28
WinJeff DoyleXKK - Mayhem in Marshfield
TKO (Corner Stoppage)2N/A
LossMike QuinlanAFC 8 - Absolute Fighting Championships 8
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)20:16
WinEmyr BussadeFCC 14 - Freestyle Combat Challenge 14
Decision (Unanimous)25:00
WinKyle HelsperFCC 13 - Freestyle Combat Challenge 13
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)22:16
LossDan HartFCC 12 - Freestyle Combat Challenge 12
Submission (Guillotine Choke)10:17
LossDustin DenesAFC 5 - Absolute Fighting Championships 5
Submission (Triangle Choke)11:45
WinKyle HelsperFCC 11 - Freestyle Combat Challenge 11
Submission (Punches)1N/A
LossDan HartFCC 10 - Freestyle Combat Challenge 10
KO (Punches)1N/A


Nick Thompson married his college girlfriend, Molly. Nick was dating Molly the night he saw his friend fight while at U Wisconsin, leading him to start his MMA training. As of 2009, they have one daughter.

He’s currently working as a lawyer at the Casey Jones Firm in Wisconsin.

Edits and Corrections: Please contact me immediately, I’m happy to update this page with proper source citations.

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