Belmont Stakes Superfecta Picks and Wheel Bet

My Belmont Stakes Superfecta picks are ready to go. I reviewed recent race results to determine the most likely contenders. Then, I combined these horses into a superfecta part wheel bet. A winning superfecta bet could pay your mortgage for the next year. Tune in Saturday evening to watch the race live.

Belmont Stakes 152 is this Saturday, June 20, 2020. Post time is 5:42 PM EST
2020 Belmont Stakes Superfecta Part Wheel Bet

  • 1: Tiz The Law, Sole Volante
  • 2: Tiz The Law, Sole Volante, Dr Post
  • 3: Dr Post, Max Player, Tap It To Win
  • 4: Tap It To Win, Modernist, Fore Left

Total Cost: $26, $1 per combination

Belmont Stakes Required Reading

What A Superfecta Part Wheel?

I recommend a 7 horse Superfecta Part Wheel, keying 2 horses in the first position, then 3 varying horses in the second, third and fourth positions. Here’s why.

A 4 horse Superfecta Part Wheel using my recommendation is only $26, $1 per combination. With only 10 or so horses scheduled to run, it’s a cheap date in Elmont, New York this weekend.

Belmont Stakes Superfecta Picks

Put Tiz The Law and Sole Volante in the first key. Then enter other likely top finishers in the remaining three keys. Invest your Superfecta money wisely or go bust.

You’ll have 26 possible winning combinations. That beats the novice who bets it all on one horse. Best of all, your return will be much better!

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Belmont Stakes Superfecta Picks Keys

Let’s assemble our Superfecta Part Wheel keys from the table above.

Key 1

As of writing, Tiz The law is the heavy favorite at -165. That means you risk $165 to win $61 if you bet Tiz The Law straight up. Don’t. It doesn’t make horse sense.

Enter him in the 1st key.

Now let’s pick another horse for the first key.

2020 Belmont Stakes - Sole Volante
2020 Belmont Stakes – Sole Volante

Sole Volante comes to the Belmont with a big win at the G3 Sam F Davis Stakes. He was recently 2nd at the March 7, 2020 Tampa Bay Derby and 3rd at Gulfstream Park’s Mucho Macho Man Stakes on January 4, 2020.

Key 2

Add both Tiz The Law and Sole Volante to the 2nd key. Next, we’ll add a third horse to our 2nd key.

The Belmont Stakes will be Dr Post’s first graded stakes race. Previously, he was victorious in an unbridled race at Gulfstream Park on April 25, 2020. He also won a MSW at Gulfstream Park on March 29, 2020. His last race at Belmont Park was on July 4, 2019, where he placed 4th in another MSW.

Key 3

We’ll reuse Dr Post in the 3rd key. The other 2 horses in the 3rd key will be Max Player and Tap It To Win.

Max Player was first at the G3 Withers Stakes on February 1, 2020. He also won a MSW at Parx Racing on December 17, 2019.

Trained by Mark E. Casse, Tap It To Win has 2 recent wins in allowances: June 4, 2020 at Belmont Park and May 9, 2020 at Gulfstream park. His last big victory was at the G1 Breeders’ Futurity on October 5, 2019 at Keeneland.

Key 4

Finally, we come to the 4th and final key. We’ll reuse Tap It To Win. Let’s add our sixth and seventh horses, Modernist and Fore Left.

Modernist, trained by William I. Mott, was 3rd at this year’s G2 Louisiana Derby. He won the G2 Risen Star Stakes on February 15, 2020. That victory came on the heels of a MSW win at Aqueduct on January 25, 2020.

That leaves Fore Left, our final horse. He’s only raced once this year, winning the G3 UAE 2000 Guineas. The end of his 2019 season was quite successful, with a number of finishes towards the front except for a disappointing 10th at the G3 Cecil B. DeDemille Stakes on December 1, 2019.

2020 Belmont Stakes Superfecta Part Wheel Bet

  • 1: Tiz The Law, Sole Volante
  • 2: Tiz The Law, Sole Volante, Dr Post
  • 3: Dr Post, Max Player, Tap It To Win
  • 4: Tap It To Win, Modernist, Fore Left

Total Cost: $26, $1 per combination

What is a Superfecta Part Wheel?

Superfecta Part Wheel: Select horses to key into each position: first, second, third and fourth. Final order does matter.

A key corresponds to a finishing position. Select one or more horses for each key. You may use the same horse in multiple keys. Your bet wins if one horse from each key matches the final finishing order.

For example, Tiz The Law from the first key finishes 1st. Sole Volante from the second key finishes 2nd; Max Player from the third key finishes 3rd, etc.

Notice the smaller Belmont Stakes field. While you’re allowed to put more than 3 horses in each key, I wouldn’t recommend it! Keep each key to 3 or less horses. That’s much more efficient. Otherwise, you’re buying more combinations than you need.

Efficiency Increases Value

Superfecta Part Wheels are harder to win because you must select and key horses correctly.

But a part wheel is more efficient than a box. You’ll make a smaller bet with a gigantic potential payout.

Suppose We Box our 7 Horses?

A 7 horse Superfecta box costs $840!

That’s a big risk compared to our $26 part wheel. Boxes are more flexible. Order doesn’t matter. Any of the 7 must finish in the top 4. But if you lose, you’re out a couple car payments!

The $26 7 horse part wheel is more manageable. It’s not as clumsy as its rickety box cousin.

How to Place a Belmont Superfecta Part Wheel Bet?

  1. Visit our recommended online race books.
  2. Wait until the field is set and each horse is assigned a starting position.
  3. Fill out your Superfecta Wheel ticket with each horse’s corresponding number.

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