Kentucky Derby Trifecta Picks, Advice and Tips

Here are my 2019 Kentucky Derby Trifecta picks. I’ve made my picks for a winning trifecta part wheel. Hitting a straight trifecta is extremely difficult. It’s better to wheel multiple horses into your trifecta bet. It’s a smart way to win more money with less risk.

Legendary trainer Bob Baffert has 3 horses in the race. I’ll also be betting a “Baffert Trifecta” on his horses. See more below. Let’s review my trifecta picks for this year’s race!

2019 Kentucky Derby Part Wheel Keys

  • 1: Game Winner, Improbable, Tacitus
  • 2: Game Winner, Improbable, Roadster
  • 3: Game Winner, Tacitus, Roadster, Maximum Security

Total Cost: $18, $1 per combination

September 5, 2020 10:30 pm Kentucky Derby - Top 15 Horses
Horses Odds $100 Wins
1. Tiz the Law
2. Charlatan
3. Maxfield
4. Authentic
5. Honor A P
6. King Guillermo
7. Sole Volante
8. Ete Indien
9. Finnick the Fierce
10. Cezanne
11. Enforceable
12. Mischevious Alex
13. Dr Post
14. Gouverneur Morris
15. Basin
Odds feed last modified: 05/29/2020 17:57:50 Eastern

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Ways to bet Trifectas

There are 3 ways to bet trifectas. The most common is the straight trifecta. It’s also the most difficult to reliably win. Trifecta Boxes and Wheels are solid alternatives. You can add more than 3 horses to your trifecta bet. This increases the likelihood of winning with a higher investment upfront.

The following video explains how to place a wheel bet. The procedure is the same for exactas and superfectas. Watch the entire video for help with other bets!

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  1. Straight Trifecta Bet – Pick 3 horses to finish in the top 3 positions. Final order matters.
  2. Trifecta Box Bet – Pick any number of horses to finish in the top 3 positions. Final order does not matter.
  3. Trifecta Part Wheel Bet – Select horses to key into each position: first, second and third. Final order does matter depending on how you key each horse.

Efficiency Matters

Trifecta Boxes are more likely to win because final order does not matter. A box is less efficient than a wheel because you end up buying more combinations than you need.

Trifecta Part Wheels are harder to win because you must select and key horses correctly. However a part wheel is more efficient than a box. You will invest less bankroll to potentially win more money.

Kentucky Derby 2019 Trifecta Betting Advice

I recommend a 5 horse Trifecta Part Wheel, keying 3 horses in the first and second position, then 4 horses in the third. Why?

A 5 horse Trifecta Box costs $60, $1 per combination. But a 5 horse Trifecta Part Wheel using my recommendations is only $18, $1 per combination.

That means our 4th horse must finish second or third. I add a less-likely 5th horse to finish third, just to cover the bases.

You’ll be making a more efficient bet with higher profit potential. And you’ll be way ahead of the yahoos betting it all on one horse!

Picking 5 horses to finish first, second or third shouldn’t be hard. Plus you get bonus horse for the third key.

“Baffert” Kentucky Derby Trifecta Picks

Here’s your chance to join trainer Bob Baffert in the history books for $1. Bet his 3 Kentucky Derby horses in one straight trifecta or a 3 horse trifecta box. Remember, final order doesn’t matter for box bets.

2019 Kentucky Derby Baffert Straight Trifecta

  • Roadster, Improbable, Game Winner

Total Cost: $1

2019 Kentucky Derby Baffert Trifecta Box

  • Roadster, Improbable, Game Winner

Total Cost: $6, $1 per combination

How to Key Horses in a Trifecta Part Wheel

Review this clip from our “How to Bet on Horses” video tutorial. I’ll discuss this wager and each horse below.

Let’s assemble our Trifecta Part Wheel keys from the table above. As of writing, Game winner is among the top favorites. He’ll be put in all 3 keys.

2019 Kentucky Derby Trifecta Picks - Game Winner

Game Winner had a commanding end to 2018, culminating in a G1 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile win. He was undefeated in 3 races prior. 2019 has produced 2 frustrating seconds at the April 6, 2019 Santa Anita Derby and G2 Rebel Stakes, losing to Omaha Beach. Game Winner is still a formidable contender. Don’t write him off yet.

Now let’s pick 1 more horse for our first and second keys.

2019 Kentucky Derby Trifecta Picks - Improbable

Improbable comes off two respectable second place finishes at the G1 Arkansas Derby on April 13, 2019 and G2 Rebel Stakes on March 16, 2019. His last victory was at the G1 Los Alamitos Futurity on December 8, 2018.

The Rest: Kentucky Derby Trifecta Picks

Now, a 3rd horse for our first and third keys. After, a 4th horse for the second and third keys. Finally, a 5th horse for the third key only.

Tacitus will be the 3rd horse found in our 1st and 3rd keys. He’s trained by William I. Mott. Tacitus won both the G2 Wood Memorial and G2 Tampa Bay Derby held earlier this year. He was also first in a MSW on November 10, 2018.

Roadster will be the fourth horse found in our second and third keys. He’s Baffert’s second horse in the Kentucky Derby. He won this year’s Santa Anita Derby edging out Baffert’s other horse, Game Winner. Roadster qualified for the Santa Anita Derby after winning an Allowance on March 1, 2019, also at Santa Anita.

Maximum Security will be the fifth horse found in our third key. He’s this year’s G1 Florida Derby winner, held on March 30, 2019. He previously won 2 allowances.

MSW means “Maiden Special Weight”. It’s a race reserved for horses who have never won a race.

2019 Kentucky Derby Part Wheel Keys

  • 1: Game Winner, Improbable, Tacitus
  • 2: Game Winner, Improbable, Roadster
  • 3: Game Winner, Tacitus, Roadster, Maximum Security

Total Cost: $18, $1 per combination

How to Place a Kentucky Derby Trifecta Wheel Bet?
Visit our recommended online race books below. Wait until the field is set and each horse is assigned a starting position. Fill out your Trifecta Wheel ticket with each horse’s corresponding number. Then sit back and get rich!

Good luck from Ron Halfback and the gang!

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