James Madison Dukes Football Betting Odds, Futures, Prop Bets

Always know the James Madison Dukes betting odds before you place a wager. Don’t lift a finge without first understanding what all the lines and odds mean. SportsBetting3.com has compiled odds for the next James Madison game, along with odds to win the National Championship and Sun Belt. Below, you’ll find a complete rundown of James Madison’s point spreads, over-under totals, and moneyline odds. We also have a table of both game and James Madison team prop bets below for the next scheduled matchup.

If you need a quick review of how to bet on the James Madison Dukes, put your mind at ease. We’ve provided a quick explainer below featuring James Madison as an example team. You’ll also see James Madison’s current and historical standings, including their overall, conference, home, and away records. Use the dropdown menu to select previous season years. Last but not least, you’ll find a helpful set of college football betting articles and resources to help you throughout the season.

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Best James Madison Dukes Sports Betting Sites

Best James Madison Dukes Betting Sites

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James Madison Dukes Football Game Odds

Our preferred licensed and regulated sports betting sites have a ton of exciting betting markets for this football season. Each sportsbook will offer moneyline, point spread, and total bets for every James Madison game. And they’ll also have game and futures odds for other Sun Belt teams, too. We advise new customers to use the signup bonus as a low-risk trial run. Once you’re all setup, use our college football betting tutorial as a helpful reference to tune your James Madison bets throughout the season.

Next James Madison Game Odds
+ Displays more odds

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James Madison Dukes Football Prop Bets

If you feel like mixing things up, James Madison Dukes game and team prop bets are a good way to diversify your betting action. Our sports betting partner sites have a great selection of prop bets for major college football matchups. Which team will be the first to 15, 20, or 25 points? Will the game go to overtime? Which team will score first? Which team will score last?

Note that several states prohibit NCAA individual athlete prop bets. Review our article’s informational table in detail, taking note of NCAA betting regulations in your jurisdiction.

James Madison Prop Bets - Next Game
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James Madison Dukes Win Total Odds

The college football win total bet is a part prop, part future hybrid. The plus and minus values assign odds to either side of James Madison’s win total line. This bet functions like a total bet. Bet either over or under the sportsbook’s line.

“o” stands for over and “u” stands for under. If you think the Dukes will win more games than the value of the line, bet over. If you think they’ll win fewer games, bet under.

2024 College Football James Madison Season Win Total
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James Madison Dukes College Football National Championship Odds

Can the Dukes win the National Championship this season? Our College Football Championship futures odds update daily. We also monitor other popular NCAA futures markets, like the odds to win each FBS conference and player awards like the Heisman Trophy.

The key to placing a successful futures bet is timing. You want to bet on James Madison as soon as their odds of winning become favorable. But you shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to get a good return on your investment. Read our futures betting tutorial to learn how these bets work and ways to manage your risk.

2024-25 James Madison NCAA College Football Championship Odds

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James Madison

James Madison Dukes Odds to win the Sun Belt

Here are the latest odds to win the Sun Belt. Take note of where James Madison stands on the list. Our college football conference futures odds update 2-3 times each week. We’ll publish the opening odds about 2 months before the first games of the season. Then we’ll continue updating them until the conference winner has been determined. Keep track of the Dukes’ odds starting about halfway through the season as trends begin to develop in the Sun Belt standings.

No Sun Belt TM James Madison YR: futures available

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How to Bet on the James Madison Dukes

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to Bet on the James Madison Dukes

  1. Open a new sports betting account.

    Review our list of College Football betting sites. Each sportsbook offers many ways to bet on the James Madison Dukes. Make sure to enter all your personal details correctly. Don't forget to add your bonus code.

  2. Visit the sportsbook’s cashier, banking, or deposit page.

    Navigate to the sportsbook's deposit page. Use your Visa card or MasterCard, or other methods like Paypal.

  3. Tap to the sportsbook's College Football page, look for the James Madison Dukes.

    Navigate to the sportsbook's College Football page. Next, look for live or upcoming James Madison Dukes matchups. Review any James Madison Dukes futures odds.

  4. Choose your bet and place a wager.

    Choose your bet and then use the funds you deposited to place a wager. The sportsbook will pay your winnings or deduct a losing wager from your account balance after the James Madison Dukes bet has been graded.

Point Spread Bets

Always have a look at James Madison’s point spread before their next matchup. The James Madison Dukes will be the favorite when their point spread line has a minus sign “-” before the number. They’ll be the underdog when the line has a plus sign “+” before the number.

Look to the right of the line for each side’s odds. Standard odds are -110. That means you’ll risk $110 to win $100. Note that odds for many lines may be higher or lower depending on the betting action for or against James Madison. The odds and line itself may also move for or against the Dukes depending on which side gets more wagers. Remember that sportsbooks prefer to balance their action when setting a betting line.

Moneyline Bets

The moneyline is one of the simplest bets to place: pick either the favorite or the underdog to win outright. If you’re confident the Dukes can win the game, taking James Madison on the moneyline when they’re a big underdog is almost always more profitable than betting them against the spread.

Moneyline favorites have a minus sign “-” before their number. This number indicates how much you risk to win $100. If the Dukes are -200 favorites, you would risk $200 to win $100. When the Dukes are overwhelming favorites, you may see their moneyline value exceed -550.

Moneyline underdogs have a plus sign “+” before their number. This number indicates how much you win if you risk $100. So, if James Madison is a +350 underdog, you would risk $100 to win $350. When the Dukes are a big underdog, their moneyline might be +700 or more.

Betting a big moneyline favorite isn’t always advisable. Whether you bet on James Madison or their competitor, the goal is to win as much money as possible. Betting on a big favorite means you’ll tie up a large amount of bankroll for a nominal profit. In this scenario, betting against the spread would be a better alternative.

Total Bets

Decide whether the sum of both teams’ final scores will be over or under the sportsbook’s total line. There are a few things to keep in mind before placing a total bet on the next Dukes football game.

Each side of the line will have its own odds. Most often, both sides will have -110 standard odds. Over will be abbreviated as “o” and under will be abbreviated as “u”. You’ll see each side’s odds to the right of the letter abbreviation.

Don’t place a total bet on any James Madison Dukes game without carefully handicapping the matchup in advance. Try to project the ability of James Madison and their opponent to put points on the board. Decide whether the game will be a high-scoring shootout between two showstopping offenses, or a frustrating, low-scoring affair decided by each team’s defensive lineups.

When sportsbooks anticipate a high-scoring game, you’ll observe higher total lines and more expensive over odds. On the other hand, a game that’s anticipated to be lower-scoring will get lower total lines and more expensive under odds. In general, the outcome that’s less likely will be a cheaper bet than the one that’s more likely.

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James Madison Dukes Football Standings

Analyzing James Madison’s recent performance trends is a handicapping tool. Review the James Madison Dukes stats below, noting the team’s streak, home, and away records. Keep the Dukes’ overall record and Sun Belt standing in mind when they’re taking on a Sun Belt rival.

2023-2024 College Football Regular Season Standings - James Madison
Team Conf Conf% W L PF PA Home Away Strk
James Madison7-10.8751124432535-16-0L1

FAQs on the James Madison Dukes

What are the James Madison Dukes 2023 season win total odds?

The James Madison Dukes have a 8.0 game win total line at BetRivers, with the Over -106 and the Under -121. Betting "Over" means you risk $106 to win $100, while a bet on the "Under" means you risk $121 to win $100.

What are the James Madison Dukes odds to win the 2025 NCAA College Football Championship?

As of Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024, the James Madison Dukes have +40000 odds to win the 2025 NCAA College Football Championship at BetRivers. That means a $100 bet would pay $40,000. The implied probability for the James Madison Dukes to win the NCAA College Football Championship is 0.25%.

Betting Odds for Other Sun Belt Football Teams

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