Alabama State Hornets vs Jackson State Tigers Football Lines

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The Hornets will play the Tigers on Saturday, October 16th, 2021.

Best Underdog and Favorite Spread Bets

Alabama State

Jackson State
+17 -105 Sb3gen2 -17 -115 Sb3gen1
+17 -115 Sb3gen1 -17 -115 Sb3gen2 has analyzed the latest lines. Review our "Best Spread Bets" table above to smash the books this Saturday. Sb3gen1 has the best favorite Jackson State spread at -17 points. Sb3gen2 has the best underdog Alabama State spread at +17 points.

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Best Over and Under Total Lines
40.5o -110 Sb3gen2 40.5u -110 Sb3gen2
40.5o -115 Sb3gen1 40.5u -115 Sb3gen1
The over under line estimates the combined total of each team's final score. Sb3gen2 has the best over line of 40.5 points laying $110 to win $100. Sb3gen2 has the best under line of 40.5 u -110.
Best Money Line Bets


Line PendingLine Pending
Here are money lines for the outright winner. Favorite has a minus value. Lay at to win $100. Underdog has a negative value. Risk at to win $100.

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Alabama State Championship Odds
OutcomeSB3Gen SB3Gen

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Jackson State Championship Odds
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2021 Alabama State Games & Results

WeekMatchupDate & Time
2 Alabama State vs
AUB 62, ALST 0

2021 Jackson State Games & Results

WeekMatchupDate & Time
3 Jackson State vs
ULM 12, JKST 7

Other 2021 Week Matchups

Pending Schedule N/A (Week Undef)