Cavs vs. Bulls – a tale of two teams & one playoff series, told in two parts

Part I – I could expound at length on the obstacles, perils, & pitfalls facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in their championship quest. Instead, I will employ simple yet subtle wisdom, courtesy of Lao-Tzu: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Doesn’t that just say it all, and with such elegance? Founder … Read more

Gee Wiz! Wizards hang one on struggling Celtics

Boston, 4/9/10 – For the Wizards & Celtics fan alike, frustration reigned at the conclusion of Friday night’s contest. Despite being happy about a 106-96 victory, the Wizards fan wonders “Hey, if you can beat a play-offs bound team, why’dja put us through this season of Hell?” Despite being happy about the C’s making the … Read more

Charlotte plasters Philly & look towards postseason

Charlotte, 3/31/10 – They’re playing Coach Larry Brown’s “right way”. They’re in possession of a high-scoring dynamo (Gerald Wallace) whose slashing style seems inspired by this guy. They’re amply supplied with seasoned vets (Stephen Jackson, Boris Diaw, & Theo Ratliff) who’ll steel their spine in the trying times ahead. They’re the Charlotte Bobcats, and they’re … Read more