The James Harden Megatrade, NBA Covid Cases, And Our Free Pick Of The Week

It finally happened. The long-awaited James Harden trade that everyone knew was going to happen is complete. Ultimately, Harden got his wish; he headed to Brooklyn to form a terrifying trio with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. While everyone knew that Brooklyn was Harden’s number one destination, no one could figure out how Brooklyn’s meager … Read more

NBA Roundup: Jumbo James Harden, Big Ratings, And More

As we finally put the year from hell in our rearview mirror, the NBA is in full holiday swing and the world just might be righting itself. In the NBA, the James Harden saga continues, ratings are up, and some record-setting butt whuppings are handed out in the holiday season. Despite the shortest off-season in … Read more

NBA News, Updates From Around The Association

With just a week to go before the NBA season tips off, the Association continues to drop newsworthy stories with far-reaching implications. After years of hearing how Giannis Antetokounmpo would flee small market Milwaukee for greener pastures, Bucks fans can rejoice. The two-time reigning MVP inked a historic 5 year, $228 million deal, making him … Read more

2021 College Basketball Betting Preview

Among the sports casualties of 2020, March Madness ranks right at the top. For the first year in living memory, sports fans were deprived of Bill Rafferty screaming “Onions!! Double order” or “Lingerie on the deck!” However, the NCAA, after careful consideration of how much money they would lose, has decided to go forward with … Read more